програма по дни   |   day by day schedule

(в процес на работа / work in progress)

10.10 (Thu)

Coffee&Gallery Cu29

- Zofia Kuligowska - Lecture Performance Art Peripheries of World and Sound in Public Space

19:00 - A Series of Experiments 1: screenings
"New Comfort Zone" by Marina Genova, "Video Filet" by Velizar Dimchev, video presentation of Water Tower Art Residency 2019 by Nia Pushkarova; video documentation from "Sofia - Downtown" films by Ruen Ruenov from the actions during 2001-2003 around and under the National Palace of Culture, with interventions by Bogdan Alexandrov, Georgi Donov, Dimiter G. Dimitrov.


20:00 - 01:00 - Interactive artwork by Raymond Statev & Trifon Tashev – A Classic Electronic Duel & a DJ set – in front of Art Club Nylon

11.10 (Fri)

16:00 - 6-8 Bozdhidar Zdravkov Str.

A Series of Experiments 2:
verbal contributions on the topic
by: Rositsa Obreshkova - theater director; Marta Subeva - architect; Alex Nikolova – cultural manager; Veronoka Prezhdarova - researcher of contemporary society and culture; Dimitar Grozdanov - art historian and artist; Dobromir Ivan - author.

Host: Yovo Panchev

Georgi Ruzhev (work in progress)

Common work in progress - The Landmark Group

18:00 - Zofia Kuligowska and Wojciech Bernatowicz - Knock Yourself Here / You Can't Send an Empty Message and production from the workshop Performance Art Peripheries of World and Sound in Public Space, presentation in an urban environment


12.10 (Sat)

6-8 Bozdhidar Zdravkov Str.

12:00 - A Series of Experiments 3: collaborative/meeting with artists; verbal and active interventions
by: Andrey Vrabchev / Ventzislav Zankov / Marta Subeva / Yanko Velkov - Yanetz / Hristina Dyakova / Bilyana Tsanova / Dobromir Ivan / Yordan D. Radichkov / Prodan Markov / Yovo Panchev / Ivaylo Ivanov / Valko Chobanov / Aliks Akantha / Darena Georgieva (work in progress) / Georgi Ruzhev (work in progress)

Anyone wishing to intervene in a public environment, performative and speech situations, work with sites, is invited to join without notice.


Grozdov Pazar Square

14:00 - 16:00 - Ina Valentinova - Arche-meets


16:00 - Inclusion in Tourformance City HOTSPOTS by the artistic team of the project The Untold Told (departure from the square in front of the House of Culture Boris Hristov)


18:30 @ Business Center Plovdiv, 1 Khan Kubrat Str., fl. 7 (terrace)
Ephemeral Broadcast
- an audio experience in public space with LESNIK, Kei, Yves O, Arid
entry: free donation / limited venue capacity / up to 22:30 o'clock


18 Angel Bukoreshtliev St (map)

19:30 - 22:00 - Iliya D. Stoyanov - Intuition of Space

13.10 (Sun)

from Sahat Tepe to the south coast of Maritza, a mound after Adata Island

- Departure from Sahat Tepe Square, in a procession, with the intervention of Yanko Velkov - Yanetz (installation interventions with objects found) & Prodan Markov.

11:00 - Maritza Beach after Adata Island - The Spill of Experience or the Invisible City, Happening over 7000 Oaks / Forestation instead of Administration by Joseph Beuys, with touches by Boyadzhiev and Murkvichka.

Yordan D. Radichkov - River speech, intervention in a natural environment.

Darena Georgieva (work in progress), Georgi Ruzhev - (work in progress)

Bring shovels, spoons, one stone in your pocket, and bowls for kurban.